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Ebook A Memoir to Human Emotion-Ramblings of a Human Spark by Rebbetzin Hannah Miryam Bejarano Gutierrez. A Hanukkah Surprise!. Now Rebbetzin's poetry book is free to download for Hanukkah Time. Description: This poetry book sole purpose is to take you through a healing journey filled with inspiration that aims to take to a new level of love of HaShem. I begin writing poetry at a very young age, but I never got the courage to show my work. As the years passed, I went to college and majored in Creative Literature and I still so much so, felt so incredibly vulnerable when I thought about sharing my poetry with the world. Again, years passed, got married to a wonderful man, had three amazing boys which now they are 2, 7 and almost 10. But then as I lived my life, my middle sister got pregnant with twins. During her pregnancy one of my nieces started to have issues inside the womb hence the reason the doctors decided to take the babies out a bit before their due date. My sister named them Alana and Emilia. Though Emilia was ablet to go home and be in excellent health. My baby niece Alana was not so lucky. She kept having ongoing health issues, and she had to stay at the hospital for months. But thank Gd she was able to be home for one month, before sadly HaShem decided to take her home with Him. During the time she was in a grave state, something beautiful happened, people from all walks of life begin praying for her. There was this unique unity for the sole purpose of my niece´s well-being. Even though HaShem decided to take her home. She left a legacy of pure love, kindness and unity. The loss of my little niece left in my family was so deep, and for months as a writer, designer and artist, I could not create. But then my heart healed enough to understand the legacy she left and what I could do to honor her. And so, I decided to publish the first book of my poetry series and share it with the world in order to honor her memory. I truly hope that this book brings the healing it brought me while I was writing it.

Ebook A Memoir to Human Emotion-Ramblings of a Human Spark

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