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Welcome to Jewish Living Magazine



Are you P.O.S.H.? P.O.S.H. stands for

Positive, Overflowing, Secure, and Happiness!

Jewish Posh Living Magazine is all about bringing HaShem's light into this world by giving a voice to wonderful and amazing Jewish women who want to bring positivity and healing.

We accept articles that teach about Jewish Living in a warm, loving, and uplifting fashion! We want YOU! All articles submissions go through our editing department.

We are a Jewish Inspirational Magazine and welcome all people who want to inspire others. We welcome women who want to bring HaShems light into this world!

Have any questions? please do not hesitate to contact us via our website or email:

Jewish Posh Living Magazine 3rd Edition Launch

Hanukkah Surprise!!! Now for a limited time these digital products will be free to download.

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Kindle Version
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Print Version

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Meet Rebbetzin Hannah Miryam Bejarano Gutierrez
Rebbetzin Hannah Miryam Bejarano Gutiérrez is an avid creator, writer and painter. She also is the owner of the Amazon bestselling magazine named: Jewish Posh Living Magazine, as well as, a raising speaker on Jewish platforms such as: Bais Bezalel Chabad’s Raising Teens in 2021 and Jewish Girls Unite, among others. She works continuously with Rebbetzin Miriam Yerushalmi on various projects to bring aid to neshamot in their time of need. She is also a certified CBTT (Cognitive Behavioral Torah Tools) Coach, Energy and Emotional Healing Through Art and Color Coach. She is also the creator of various journal series and has a love for creating art and use it as a healing mechanism. She is a mother of three beautiful little boys and utterly in love with her husband who she has been married to for 12 years. Her continual goal is to bring her audience closer to HaShem. She is also the Rebbetzin of a small Sephardic Shul. She enjoys reading, painting and drinking tea with non diary milk of course!
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