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The Importance of Taking Care of Our Body Through The Torah´s Eyes

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

We all understand how important is for us to be able to stand before Gd every morning to be able to say Modeh Ani and thank Him for another day of Him providing for us the miracle of life.

Judaism states that it is of great importance to care for the physical body. Why? Because Judaism believes that the body is the carrier of the Eternal Soul and our body is the container or vessel for the soul. On a practical level, this means having a healthy diet, eating well, sleeping well, and having not so much quantity but quality exercise. This is why it is so important to have a healthy balanced kosher lifestyle, resting on the Shabbat day, and caring for your physical body.

Isaiah 58:11 states-The Eternal will make your bones strong. Mitzvot are there to protect every single aspect of our lives, if we follow that, then we will have strong bones to be able to serve Gd with all of our heart and soul, and ultimately have a multilevel transformation that is beyond our dreams. This dream does not come without us working to achieve it with Gd aid. Here it is another example Proverbs 25:16 where the Torah advices us regarding the care we give our bodies. And it states: If you find honey, eat only what you need. Otherwise, you will overdo it, and throw it up – Proverbs 25:16

As many of you know Gut Health is not just a hype but it something that it is here to stay, due to the fact that the source of a lot not all of our medical concerns stem from not having a healthy gut.

There are around 40 trillion bacteria in your body, which the majority of them are found in your gut. This bacteria inside your body is known as your gut microbiome, and they’re incredibly important for overall health. However, certain types of bad bacteria in your intestines can also contribute to many diseases such as: inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity, diabetes, liver diseases, chronic heart diseases, cancers.

So, why is it that having gut health issues is the basis for having a substantial problem in our health? Hippocrates — the father of modern medicine — suggested that all disease begins in the gut. His wisdom has held true throughout the ages. This article is going to explain this issue in a deeper way. Though Hippocrates was incorrect in suggesting that all disease begins in your gut, evidence shows that many chronic metabolic diseases do.

Your gut bacteria and the integrity of your gut lining strongly affect your health. According to numerous studies, undesirable bacterial products called endotoxins can sometimes leak through your gut lining and enter your bloodstream.

Your immune system then recognizes these foreign molecules and attacks them — resulting in chronic inflammation. There is a hypothesis that states that a diet induced inflammation may trigger insulin and leptin resistance which are the driving forces to type 2 diabetes and it is also believed to cause fatty liver disease.

Here it is an introductory video regarding gut health Dr. Vincent Pedre who is a top gut health specialist:

Now we live in world where a lot of the food that we consume is extremely process and is extremely harmful to our health, hence the reason it is not enough for us to have healthy food choices, now a days we also need the added help to achieve this goal. Gut health begins with our food choices and with the process of chewing. Here it is the video that explains more about the digestive process:

But like a mentioned before, there are ways to support our gut health besides eating healthy foods. One of the ways is to actually know what to eat as well while we are getting our so craved health back while reducing our stress levels as well. Quite a task, I know, but it is doable when we have our Torah on our side.

Here it is the link to wonderful way that will help support your gut health and aid you with weight loss journey so that you can finally have a smile on your face when you meditate regarding the status of your health, but always remember that it is a journey not a race ( please click on the photo below and it will take you to their website:

I hope that you enjoyed this article, please do not hesitate to comment and follow this post.

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