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Healing Journey

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

At times it is so hard to endure and have stamina to stay on our healing journey. Sometimes our journey is smooth and without bumps on the road and other times those bumps are hard to walk through them. But what at times we do not realize is that, those bumps are hidden brachos (blessings) designed by HaShem to aid us in our growth. But most importantly, they were created so that we grow closer to Our Creator and cling to Him because after all, He is our lifeline. He is the one that breathes life into our soul on a daily basis. He is the one that allows us the miracle to say: Modeh Ani, when our souls return to our body. I wish you to know that you are precious to our Dear HaKadosh Baruch Hu! Your Neshamah ( soul ) was fashioned according to His perfect will, because He willed your soul into being. So, take a deep breath every time you wake up and try to exercise thankfulness and say: Thank you HaShem, because you willed my soul into being! Your kindness, mercifulness,compassion and will is perfect beyond my understanding!

Stay strong dear neshamah! If you ask Him, He will carry you through this journey given to you called life.

Regards to you all!

Rebbetzin Hannah Miryam Bejarano Gutierrez

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